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About Ionoc Material Design :

This is the Mobile Native Web Application that developed by Ionic Framework under the design concept of Google Material Design integrate with the functions of ngCorgova.

Ionic Framework

Ionic is a powerful HTML5 SDK that helps you build native-feeling mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application's components clearly and succinctly.


ngCordova was built to help make app development faster. It gives you simple AngularJS wrappers. You can do it just a few lines of code.

Ionic Material Design :
This project contains components and complex feature which can easily be integrated into your work and projects.

All of these components we made it as simple as possible.

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Multi useful components

The application will present the function of Application storage, Social Connect, Share content to social network, Advertising in application, Hardware connect and Material Design Concept.


SQLite Database

SQLite is the best way to store data to application storage. It allow you to manage complex relational database.

Advantage of SQLite it have unlimit ability to store data. It will create the sqlite file that store in the application. Also can store more complex data such as relation between tables.

We use SQLite function to create a small contract application that including function to :


Local Storage Database

LocalStorage have ability to store data by HTML5 loacalStorage function.

We use LocalStorage function to create a notes application that including function to :


WordPress Connect

Getting WordPress feed by input your WordPress URL to application. It will use WP REST API for connecting with WordPress Feed.

The function include:


Facebook Connect

Use cordovaOauth for connect with facebook to get user profile information , user timeline and friend list by calling Facebook API Version 2.4.

The function include:


Google Connect

Use cordovaOauth for connect with Google to get user profile information and user activity by calling Google API.

The function include:



Use cordovaOauth for connect with instagram to get user profile information and user feed by calling instagram API.

The function include:



Use cordovaOauth for connect with foursquare to get user profile information and user tips feed by calling foursquare API.

The function include:



Use cordovaOauth for connect with dropbox to get user profile information and user files directory feed by calling dropbox API.

The function include:


Social Share

Using cordovaSocialSharing for share application content to social network and using Canvas2ImagePlugin for save image to mobile gallery.

The function include:

  • Share content to facebook
  • Share content to twitter
  • Share content to e-mail
  • Save image to mobile gallery

Mail & Message

Using cordovaSocialSharing for send email from the application and using cordovaSMS for sent message.

The function include:

  • Send e-mail
  • Send message
  • Mobile calling

Google AdMob

Using Google AdMob for earning money to your application. By using cordovaAdMob.

The function include:


Mobile Contract

Using cordovaContacts for connecting the application to mobile contract.

The function include:


Image Picker

Using cordovaImagePicker for selecting image from mobile gallery.

The function include:

  • Select single image
  • Select multiple images


Using cordovaVibration for using mobile vibration.

The function include:



Using cordovaFlashlight for using mobile flashlight.

The function include:


Device Information

Using ionic.Platform.device for get device information.

The function include:

  • Get mobile device information

Material Design Themes

Material theme that will help you to generate idea to create your powerful application.


Theme Color

You can change color of application theme, Just config it !!!


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